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Diary of a Mad Mad Mami


It will never go away, will it? That constant worry. Worry that something will happen if you are not around. Worry that something will happen when you ARE around. Is she getting enough to eat? Is she napping enough? Is she developing Stan appropriate pace? Is she..? Is she..? Is she?? Will there ever be a day when you just sit back, breathe and say, “She will be fine. It […]

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Where to begin! My husband and I decided very VERY early on that we would not find out the sex of the baby. Now I am a curious person by nature, so this decision was a big deal for me. He truly wanted to be surprised, “We live in the age of information. Let’s at least be surprised with this.” Those were his heartfelt words. How could I go against […]

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Mater-need-ty Clothes.

Here is a rant for the day.  I went to Target in search of a few maternity items and was shocked to see that they had done away with their Maternity section! I have to admit, I was pissed. I went to Old Navy a month back, same thing. So I’m sitting here thinking, WTF is up with that?? Do designers not think that pregnant women wear clothes? Do we […]

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Ice Ice Baby…

As I sit on my couch attempting to plan out my Monday, I realize, I have not left my apartment AT ALL today. This is all thanks to the lovely sheet of ice that currently coats the steps and street outside. It makes me think of all of the women that have looked at me and said, “Girl, at least you are not pregnant in the summer.” Yes, they are […]

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