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Do you hear that?

It’s amazing the amount of thoughts that we are capable of thinking in a moment. Last night my husband had about a million thoughts run through his brain in the span of 2 minutes.  Last night we went in for a check up. We were feeling very light-hearted and excited about our appointment. Once we stepped into the examination room, we talked about the questions we would ask the doctor […]

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While on the night shift at work this past week, I came across an article on Yahoo that stopped me dead in my tracks. Now I must confess, I am guilty of skimming articles. I’ll read the first paragraph and skim the rest, but not with this article. Right off the bat the title made me stop, “It happened to me: I Got Pregnant with an IUD and Ended the […]

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What In the World???

These last 8 weeks of my life have been, surreal. It feels as if someone pushed me on stage in front of a packed house and said, “Now sing and dance!” And all I could do was fake tap dance while singing the theme song to The Golden Girls. (Don’t laugh…that show was kick ass.) I suppose I feel that way because well, we weren’t planning on getting pregnant so […]

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