With just 4 months left to go, I am often asked: OMG, are you ready??

The answer: Heck No!!!

No, I am not ready. Not one bit ready. While I know how to change a diaper, prepare a bottle and burp a baby, I don’t know the first thing about raising one. But let’s be honest, who does??? So while I don’t feel ready, I am absolutely ready. I am terrified, but ready.

For me, being able to get pregnant- and God willing carry to term!- is a great honor and privilege. Anyone can make a child, but not everyone can parent. My only hope is that I do a well enough job where the adults of tomorrow will look at my child and be happy that they know him/her. I hope that this person that I am about to mold and shape, turns out to be one of those amazing memorable people that make you feel good when they walk into a room.
So while I am in no rush for this peanut to arrive, I am nervously excited for our first meeting!!



  1. stephleo

    I certainly understand the “ready – not ready” thing! With my first child I bawled in the doctor’s office on my due date because she said she would let me go 2 weeks over until she induced. I knew she would be a large baby – wound up being 10 lbs. However, when I got to the hospital the day of the event, I decided I didn’t want to do this anymore. It was REAL then! Enjoy all your time now and SLEEP every chance you get!! My oldest is 17 and youngest is 3 – I don’t think I have had a good night’s sleep in 17 years : )

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