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Carseat Canopy!

Free Carseat Canopy!


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So after a night/day spent at the hospital, yesterday and today are full blown rest days. It was also, let other people help day. Now, I am one of those people that do not ask for help. At all. I learned-at a young age-to depend on myself to get things done. I’ve always felt a mixed bag of emotions when attempting to go to others for help. I always feel […]

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Dear Old Wives…

Your tales are truly not appreciated. Especially the one that says, “Girl’s steal their mother’s beauty.” That’s one of the worst ones! It’s especially terrible after someone looks at you, tells you how beautiful you look and then whispers behind your back, “that belly looks like a girl and you know what they say…”.  Help me Jesus!!

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Weight a minute!!!

Ahh yes. Weight, poundage, libras and whatever other word fits into the category of the number on the scale. As a girl who grew up chubby, weight has always been on my mind. I did my best to stay thin-ish during High School and then yo-yo’d from college and beyond. And let me tell you, being Hispanic and having a mom whose solves all of life’s problems by making you […]

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With just 4 months left to go, I am often asked: OMG, are you ready?? The answer: Heck No!!! No, I am not ready. Not one bit ready. While I know how to change a diaper, prepare a bottle and burp a baby, I don’t know the first thing about raising one. But let’s be honest, who does??? So while I don’t feel ready, I absolutely am ready. I am […]

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